Sabre Notes

Table of Contents

1.  TC60 Quick Reference 17.  PNR Display Formats pg1
2.  PNR Checklist 18.  PNR Display Formats pg2
3.  PNR Quick Reference 19.  Segment Sell
4.  Day and Meal Codes 20.  Open Segments and ARNK
5.  City Pair Availability pg1 21.  Cancel and Rebook Itinerary
6.  City Pair Availability pg2 22.  Insert Passenger Data and Itinerary
7.  Short Sell Cancel Itinerary 23.  Change PNR Info
8.  Pricing Formats 24.  Remarks Field
9.  Fare Shop 25.  Pricing Itinerary pg1
10.  Fare Quote pg1 26.  Pricing Itinerary pg2
11.  Fare Quote pg2 27.  Pricing Itinerary pg3
12.  Fare Quote pg3 28.  Action and Status Codes
13.  Fare Quote Basic Explanation pg4 29.  Action and Status Code Changes
14.  Fare Quote Rule Display
15.  Calculations and Conversions pg1
16.  Calculations and Conversions pg2

1.  TC60 Quick Reference  (back to TOC)

2.  PNR Checklist  (back to TOC)

3.  PNR Quick Reference  (back to TOC)

4.  Day and Meal Codes  (back to TOC)

5.  City Pair Availability pg1  (back to TOC)

6.  City Pair Availability pg2  (back to TOC)

7.  Short Sell Cancel Itinerary  (back to TOC)

8.  Pricing Formats  (back to TOC)

9.  Fare Shop  (back to TOC)

10.  Fare Quote pg1  (back to TOC)

11.  Fare Quote pg2  (back to TOC)

12.  Fare Quote pg3  (back to TOC)

13.  Fare Quote Basic Explanation pg4  (back to TOC)

14.  Fare Quote Rule Display  (back to TOC)

15.  Calculations and Conversions pg1  (back to TOC)

16.  Calculations and Conversions pg2  (back to TOC)

17.  PNR Display Formats pg1 (back to TOC)

18.  PNR Display Formats pg2  (back to TOC)

19.  Segment Sell  (back to TOC)

20.  Open Segments and ARNK  (back to TOC)

21.  Cancel and Rebook Itinerary  (back to TOC)

22.  Insert Passenger Data and Itinerary  (back to TOC)

23.  Change PNR Info  (back to TOC)

24.  Remarks Field  (back to TOC)

25.  Pricing Itinerary pg1  (back to TOC)

26.  Pricing Itinerary pg2  (back to TOC)

27.  Pricing Itinerary pg3  (back to TOC)

28.  Action and Status Codes  (back to TOC)

29.  Action and Status Code Changes  (back to TOC)

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